Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Paul & Jason Flower Ideas

I love the look of the silvery whites for your wedding. Tall vases filled with blooming branches would look so amazing up front on either side of you for the ceremony. Another option would be to have blooming branches and then white flowers clustered at the base for a more modern look.

Clusters of roses, greenery and pine cones could be tied onto each chair down the aisle. This would really define the space and an elegant touch.

I love all of the ideas for table centerpieces. The addition of pine cones would really incorporate the motif of your invitations. I don't think we need to go crazy with pine cones, but subtle touches would be nice. I've shown one centerpiece that has white hydrangea and pussy willow sticking up out of the middle. I like how they have wrapped the vase in ribbon. I have actually done this before with ribbon and fabric. We could wrap the vases in a charcoal color ribbon with silver accents to pull in the colors from your invitations. We really have so many options for centerpieces!

White boutonniere ideas showing different blooms and styles.

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