Friday, March 6, 2009

Cucina Nassi

So I have been working with this new amazing banquet center called Cucina Nassi. They have the same owner as Cucina know- that awesome Italian restaurant downtown. Love that place! Anyway, they just opened the space in December and it really is so elegant. I would love to do a wedding or event there someday. I'm in the works to help with some table centerpieces that will be changed out monthly. It's a bit of a challenge, something that looks beautiful but that will dry kinda nice. I'm going to bring a sample arrangement next week. I've ordered artichokes, sunflowers, lavender, & safari sunset. Very Tuscan wouldn't you say? I had to go in yesterday to chat with the general manager Justin. He is such a cool guy! I even was invited to stay and have lunch. He snapped his fingers and the chef brought out the most amazing lunch. Spinach salad with mushrooms and goat cheese, and fresh pasta with red sauce and shrimp. Delicious! Justin wants to give my name out to all his clients and I'm just honored and completely thrilled.

Cucina Nassi
2155 S. Highland Drive

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