Thursday, April 30, 2009

Judge High Floral Class

So, I was asked by a friend of mine to teach a floral design workshop at Judge High this past Monday. I jumped at the opportunity because teaching floral design is one of my favorite things. I have taught flower workshops before but always with adult students. This class was going to be rowdy senior boys and girls. I didn't know what to expect! The class was a huge success and you should have seen some of the arrangements. Gorgeous! We used seeded eucalyptus, myrtle, hot pink spray roses, wax flower, & billy balls. There was a buzz of excitement as I opened all the different wraps of flowers. I think a few of the girls almost fainted!

The students really did pay attention to my instructions, but I made sure they knew there was no right or wrong way to make an arrangement. It's up to you, your creativity and inspiration. So mad at myself that I forgot my camera. The moment will have to live within my memory.

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