Thursday, June 3, 2010

Britt's Sundance Wedding

Wow, what a great Memorial Day wedding weekend by La Fleur. 3 weddings and 1 bridal sitting bouquet!! It's so fun working on all these amazing weddings! This wedding featured is Britt's big day down in Sundance. We had our fingers crossed for good weather and it worked! Spectacular views of partly snowy mountains, green lower hills and the start of blooming trees and flowers. The sun was creeping through the dark clouds creating amazing light and shadows. Her ceremony was out on the deck by the Creekside Room. So lovely. I decorated a wooden archway with variegated pitt, orchids, hydrangea, queen anne's lace and ginkgo leaves. The entire theme & symbol of the wedding was the ginkgo leaf which had sentimental value for the bride. The aisle was covered in white rose petals and single gingko leaves. Her are a few of my pictures. So sad that I didn't snap a picture of the bridal bouquet. Looking forward to seeing the professional images....

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