Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm still here!!!

Hello friends!!! Yes I'm still here, and yes I've been busier than ever. Between weddings, events, kids, family, moving and writing my very first book, this blog and my website have taken a back burner. I'm really going to try to update more often and I have a completely new website in the works. High five! However, I keep up on Instagram quite often, so follow me there at nkbernhisel. Oh boy do I have lot to share with you. I think I'll start from the most recent and work my way back through the summer. Have you been up to High Star Ranch in Kamas, Utah? It's amazing and one of my favorite new venues. Of course all my September weddings were rainy, but that didn't stop incredible weddings from happening!!! Here are a few pictures from Hillary's wedding up at High Star Ranch.

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