Monday, June 29, 2009

Amy Preview

The following pics are from Amy's wedding on June 13th. Her ceremony was at the breathtakingly beautiful Greek Orthodox church downtown and her reception was held at the Grand America. I seriously need to get a new camera, my pictures do not do justice to these vibrant flowers. I will have the professional photos posted soon, so please check back.

Amy loves flowers and loves color, so she pretty much gave me the go ahead to create whatever I thought would be amazing. The royal blue of the bridesmaid dressed just popped with bouquets of intense color. I tend to design with bright bold color in mind, more so then pastels. I used white peonies, blue hydrangea, red tulips, orange & hot pink roses, yellow freesia, and orange celosia. I love how this wedding turned out. We were setting up the flowers on the outside of the church as that huge dark rain storm started to blow into downtown Salt Lake City. Allison was drenched trying to save the gathered bunches! 200 red roses were used for rose petals that blanketed the church aisle. It was so romantic!

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